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My Point of View - My point of view

Too much publicity  and attention has been given to the Ocampo Six at the expense of implementation of our new constitution,this attention is advised by the dream that if the Ocampo Six are taken to Hague no Kenyan Politician will dare incite his 'Tribe' or 'followers' against others,a thought that i want us to remove from our heads.



If we go back down memory lane and assess 2007/2008 it was Only one category of people that had come out to protest against the electoral irregularities: the poorest of the poor, the jobless, and the landless.People who share one class,they are the very ones seen to be committing violence and registering resentment against poll cheating,the ones who died in large numbers,the ones who still were imprisoned even before the Ocampo Six were mentioned.


The truth is, the key to stopping clashes during elections lies in our constitution,this constitution promises a new Kenya where the play ground will be level for every player,apparently a few people are aware of this hence the majority are mixed up in political wars that  do not add value to the future of a kenyan citizen.

This illusion  that people have should be eliminated,i believe even the best brains in Kenya that have been awarded the privilege to be part of history makers in foreseeing implementation of our constitution know this fact,they all know that the current political battles are only aimed at derailing the implementation of the new constitution by the very forces who were against it,Reason; this new laws will break the status  quo ,it will end if not reduce impunity,it will reclaim lost government property and integrity,it will give back to Kenyans what belongs to them.


Hague or no Hague Kenya will still burn down come the next election dispute albeit in a more discreet organization,if we don't wake up from our slumber now,Ocampo will not come to stop people A from chasing out people B from their land if opportunity arrives (here opportunity is brought by political instability)

If you are a keen analyst you will accept that in the last elections,protests degenerated into organized ethnic violence in, the root-cause of the post election violence lies elsewhere,Historic injustices coupled with unequatable distribution of resources and triggered by a disputed poll was the cause of the violence.To be precise,saying that the post election violence was tribal will be missing the point because access to land, housing, and water are the real issues that underlie here in the guise of ethnicity,these are mostly triggered by political disputes (in this case a bungled presidential election).


So be it Hague or no Hague,if these fundamental issues are not addressed we shall always have clashes in Kenya.It is highest time we looked for a mechanism to correct this,despite being a very enormous task we must all be ready to let go and appreciate what is entitled to a people can never be taken from them for long.


I urge our leaders to expedite  implementation of the constitution.


I repeat Kenya's Post election violence was not a tribal war.


I rest my case.

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