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This Man Mutahi Ngunyi

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This Man Mutahi Ngunyi
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Mutahi ngunyi loves confusing mwananchi with his long stories that have no relevance to his topics of discussion, for instance in his Sunday Nation's article he wants to try and show himself as justified in accusing the whole electorate in what came after the polls but beside that he is hitting very hard at the two principles,in this he brings out clearly his criticism of Raila Odinga and his political class (they supported Majimbo),and PNU for preaching against (Circumcision) from this he is misrepresenting facts to fool us around,for instance he is trying to say that campaigning using 'Majimbo' was bad because it was what fueled tention he also goes to zero PNUs wrong as having been telling the 'others' to get circumcised' yetduring all that time there was nothing about circumcision lingering in the air,he is hiding behind us to achieve his main aim at further directing eyes to the Premier,he is poorly trying to curve out a reputation of a public critic but he has forgotten that he contributed to the poll violence by mis-advising kibaki since he had pitched tent at statehouse then,In his usual antics he thinks that he has transformed overnight,he thinks we have forgotten his hand in our current misfortune that is the grand coalition,he is ever trying to portray himself as a man against both Kibaki and Raila yet in the backyard he knows his moves are aimed at denting Raila's reputation,in any case he knows Kibaki is on his homestretch so he must play his ball well to make sure the old man in the big house on the hill exits with a reputation to cling on.Mr. Ngunyi you ought to be on that list because you instigated violence by creating a reason for one.Period!!



Last Updated (Sunday, 04 April 2010 15:15)


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