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WE CAN: Ending Violence Against Women.

Rape - Chad

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Testimonies of Victims of Rape
Suffering of women in conflict areas
Suffering of women in conflict areas
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-- The Karen Women's Organisation (KWO), "State of Terror: the ongoing rape, murder, torture and forced labour suffered by women living under the Burmese Military Regime in Karen State (February 2007)
"We heard the Janjawid decide to open fire on the mosque and so we decided to run out. They captured the women.The men were holding their throats and sitting on their bodies so they could not move, and they took off their clothes and then used them as women. More than one man would use one woman. I could hear the women crying for help, but there was no one to help them."
(A woman speaking to Amnesty International about an attack on Djorlo, Chad, on 7 November 2006).

-- Amnesty Interational, 'No one to help them' Rape extends from Darfur into eastern Chad," AI Index: AFR 54/087/2006, (7 December 2006)
"A stick was pushed into the private parts of an 18-year-old pregnant girl and it appeared through [the abdomen]. She was torn apart.They [army-backed paramilitaries] stripped the women and made them dance in front of their husbands. Several were raped. You could hear the screams coming from a ranch near El Salado."
(Testimony from a displaced person interviewed by Amnesty International on 21 November 2003.)

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