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WE CAN: Ending Violence Against Women.

Rape - The rest of the world

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Suffering of women in conflict areas
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-- Amnesty International, "Colombia: Scarred bodies, hidden crimes: Sexual Violence against women in the armed conflict" , AI Index: AMR 23/040/2004 (13 October 2004)
"We Congolese women, we are doing what we can to help each other.Women here have long felt neglected-but we hope this feeling will one day be over."
(Testimony of a Congolese woman)

-- Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, "Iraqi Refugees in Jordan: Desparate and Alone" (July 2007)
"At the beginning of our work with women war survivors we felt fear and anger, pain and helplessness, but we made a decision to work on changing the conditions of our lives and the lives of women around us. It was a personal and political decision of feminists to oppose male violence against women, which included nationalist hatred, ethnic cleansing, mass rapes in war, prostitution for the soldiers, 4 million refugees, half a million dead and many injured. We decided to transform anger into action and in the last few years we organized initiatives for women."

-- Autonomous Women's Center Against Sexual Violence, Belgrade, 1995
"After my relative declined to give me a job at his shop, I went to a labour market where two men hired me for construction work for 50 Afghani (US $1) a day. They took me into an empty house where they both forcefully had sex with me."
(statement of 12-year-old boy)

-- IRIN, "Afghanistan: War, Poverty, and Ignorance fuel sexual abuse of children" (02 June 2007)
"My daughter and I were kidnapped while we were shopping. We stayed there for 19 days.I was nine months pregnant at the time.We were tortured very much.They raped me. I had just one week to deliver the baby.but she was dead inside me."
(testimony of Iraqi Refugee Mother, Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children: Iraqi Refugees in Jordan: Desperate and Alone")

-- Stephanie Hanes, "Life After Rape in Congo", Christian Science Monitor, April 25, 2007
"A woman would never go to report a rape to the HNP [Haitian National Police]," said a Haitian woman, "she is likely to be raped by them again."
-- Refugees International "RI Bulletin: Haiti: UN Civilian Police Require Executive Authority" (March 14, 2005)



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