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The GIBE- III project: a threat to L.Turkana

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Globally there has been an increase in concern over the

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My Point of View

Dr.Sally Kosgey with PM.Raila Odinga

Yesterday President Mwai Kibaki announced a cabinet reshuffle,Eldoret North Mp.William Ruto (ODM) has been moved from the Influential Ministry of Agriculture to a fairly quiet ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology,in his place now is Mp. For Aldai Dr.Sally Kosgey (ODM) a key Raila supporter,the president also replaced Mr. Charles Keter from the Ministry of Energy by Appointing Kipkelion Mp Mr. Magerer Langat (ODM),Mr Amos Kimunya the Minister for Trade and Industry has been named the Acting Minister of Transport to cover an office that was left vacant after the departure of Chirau Aali Makwere who was thrown out of parliament by an election petition,other beneficiaries of the reshuffle are Borabu Mp. Wilfred Moriasi who has been appointed assistant minister in the Ministry of National Heritage,Kaloleni Mp.Samuel Kazungu appointed to the Ministry of Medical services,the two come in to fill posts left by Joel Onyancha and Danson Mungatana respectively.

Constitution debate

As some people are already rushing to term this as a diversion of national politics to take the concern of the new constitution at back seat,

I take a different view,we all appreciate for instance the operations of the Agriculture Ministry,the bearer of this ministry will always traverse the whole nation without restrictions in the guise of official business,we have seen Ruto touring several areas of the country recently pushing his personal agendas yet the common mwananchi is meant to believe that his trips have been official ministry business,being the ring leader of the No camp,something had to be done,this time it was unity of purpose between President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga,they had to ground Ruto’s vehicle. What now remains is to see how the new appointments are going to boost the Yes side,Dr.Sally Kosgey is a career diplomat and a senior politician who has been in government for a longer period than Ruto,in her Raila has a strong leader who is able to stand by her principles without necessarily following the wind or bowing to intimidation, she remains one of the highly decorated women in Kenyan history.Her role now is cut out,she is supposed to fill in Rutos shoes,despite being a Woman,she commands respect among the rift Valley Mps and she has been given an opportunity to use her skills and influence in cementing the YES vote in the Rift Valley and Kenya at large.

'William Ruto'

Political realignment

The other reason why I would defend the cabinet reshuffle is that the from past incidences we have seen Ruto becoming disrespectful to his seniors and the PM in particular,Ruto has always tried to make it appear that his differences with the PM are on issues of the Youths detained after the post poll violence and the Mau forest,what lies behind this excuses though is a bitter Ruto who wanted to be deputy Prime Minister,what I know is that the bad blood between the two started when Raila named his team,Ruto realized that the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local government held by Musalia Mudavadi was not his,in his expectations he had known he would come second to the Prime Minister something that never was,this was the first indication of a selfish man because his ministry of Agriculture was equally a big docket.When he was suspend recently by the PM,(he clearly stated that the president was his appointing authority)in doing this he was telling Raila off, although he might be justified in doing so,he needs to remember that the National Accord exists,Ruto of all the people should know that Raila is the one who made him Minister for Agriculture because he was in the ODM serena team that bargained for the 50-50 power sharing deal that was entrenched in the National Accord.His personal ambition and selfishness made him even forget that the two principles are working together because there was a flawed election,in Ruto we can easily see an opportunist who only supports issues when they are convenient enough for him,as much as we can say we don’t have permanent enemies in politics,some cases must be secluded and scrutinized carefully for instance when Ruto and Co. waking up one day and declaring that the elections were not flawed because out of the blue they have found Kibaki a jolly good fellow,he only shows that he is a hypocrite and a poor leaders who cannot stand by his word,he clearly shows that he even doesn’t remember that innocent Youths were killed and detained because of contesting the last general elections.For a young vibrant man like Ruto am disappointed because he had started well as a person who would help shape Kenya for the better only to fall in the traditional trap of corruption,self centeredness and opportunism. To top it all he has successfully dressed himself up to appear as a tribal king rather than a nationalist.


Last Updated (Sunday, 30 May 2010 17:04)


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