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My Dear Kenya Our time has come

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My Point of View

A lot has been said by many,some church leaders have said that this constitution will allow abortion,some leaders have said this constitution is going to take away peoples lands,none of them has told you he will bring for you the constitution to read because all of them believe that they can read and interpret the Draft Constitution for you,this has been a major shortcoming by those campaigning against this document that promises Kenya real change,it is through this document that we as Kenyans can get the change that the same politicians fighting the draft have denied us.In many of their elections they promised us heaven on earth,many of them forgot that we are the ones who took them to parliament,now these forgetful lot has teamed up with a few 'lost' church leaders' to fabricate lies and deny Kenya a new dawn.Let us all read this document and decide whether we will vote no and continue protecting land grabbers who have caused the land problem in kenya or vote Yes and usher in a new kenya with equal rights to land,read this document to decide whether you will vote NO and support the current Neo-colonialists who have continued to eat what belongs to Kenya yet they promised to bring resources to the people or YES to usher in a new dawn of resource devolution to enable all kenyans eat the same bread,drive on the same roads and school in the same schools because the national resources will have been equally subdivided throughout the nation thus facilitating development from the grassroots.

Lastly i would love to say that after the Attorney General published the draft constitution we are going to a national referendum that we have all been waiting for decades,please let's remember why many kenyans have suffered in the struggle to get a new constitution,let's remember how many kenyans have suffered because of being governed by a non yielding constitution,let's not allow smoke screens that are being created by some few selfish individuals to avoid us from seeing the real benefits of this new constitution,let's read the draft constitution and understand it.Let's vote because we read but not because someone else read for us.

My fellow country man and brother,i am going to vote for this constitution because it brings with it a new kenya,with it i can see my children smiling and being proud to be kenyan (many of us are suffering as kenyans),i am going to vote YES because this constitution respects all in society and safeguards the interests of all.Above all,i am going to vote YES because this draft is going to ensure that people are politically,socially and economically empowered  from the ground.

(Attached is the published draft Constitution please download it and read it well)


Last Updated (Saturday, 08 May 2010 15:55)


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