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The GIBE- III project: a threat to L.Turkana

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Globally there has been an increase in concern over the

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My Point of View

In Africa, the Youth make up 37% percent of the working population and 60% of the total unemployed, this unfair because it is only the 40% that are in this employment category. Developing countries which invest in better education, healthcare, and job training for the majority of their young people between the ages of 12 and 24 years of age, could produce surging economic growth and sharply reduced poverty, but poor governance corruption and nepotism have led to negative impact to this progress.

This unemployment contribute greatly to many vices in society many of which affect the youth, it also makes them vulnerable to antisocial habits, these include; crime, drug abuse, irresponsible sexual behaviors, prostitution and early motherhood.

This in the long run reduces the rate of development in society and the nation at large.


It is this unemployment that also hinders the youth from actively participating in decision making since they are not financially empowered to compete for political seats and other leadership positions owing to the financial needs in doing so.

We witnessed the post election violence in Kenya where the youths were misused by the political elite to assume power, this happened majorly because of the lack of youth empowerment in economic activities which make them vulnerable, they were paid to cause violence and other irresponsible activities through which they got bread on their table. For them it is struggling to get something small for the stomach, something which makes them contended with the little pea nut pay they get. The involvement of the youths during this time also contributed highly to loss of property and life, this is a clear example of how unemployment leads to youths being enemies of youths because down the line the youths themselves rob each other, in this I am a direct victim; I always live remembering January 30th 2008,on this day after the disputed presidential elections in Kenya my small second hand goods shop was broken into, this happened amid nationwide protest because it was argued the elections were rigged, on this day I lost all my investments and since then I have not been able to get back the momentum with which my business had gained.

Despite an increase in economic growth in Kenya, the youth still remain behind in terms of participation in the development agenda yet they are the more energetic in society and can increase the economic growth rate by far if they are maximally incorporated in production. This requires that the government puts in place measures to increase youth participation in matters of environmental protection and other government programmes that run over time, this will enable the youth participate in improvement of the ecosystem as well as their lives as they will be kept busy in measures the government takes in environmental protection and other government programmes. I am saying this because programmes like those leaning on the environment are not seasonal and therefore will ascertain that there will be assurance of job opportunities always unlike other jobs where the youth will have to wait for a vacancy before they apply for the jobs. The government also should reduce the barriers that hinder the youths from getting financial services like loans and support since there are many youths out there who have great ideas that can improve many lives if they get actualized through funding and support, it should also subsidize the cost of training in technical fields so as to help the youth gain necessary skills that can make them be self reliant in terms of self employment. If the government fails to come in then there is cause to worry because there will be social tensions in society as a result of disillusionment by the youth who will end up ganging against the elite, this disillusionment also leads to many youths being misused by the irresponsible leaders of the day a good example being the 2007-2008 post election violence in kenya.

It is a responsibility of every person to strife to get what they want thus youths should take the initiative to make their lives and that of other youths better even before the government comes in to help them, this can be done by we the youth coming up together and supporting each other’s ideas and developments for a common goal, we should also in our undertakings, ensure that whatever programme or project we choose to engage in ,the interests of the youth are catered for in terms of employment and social development. To increase the chances of getting financial aid we should come together as youths either in youth groups or other recognized organizations registered by the government to boost confidence with whoever that may want to support us, it is also through this grouping that we can share ideas and knowledge for us to be able to come up with viable society friendly projects that can be supported by the government and other donors; through these projects we will be creating self employment.

If we come up together under one network, we will be able to have a bigger bargaining power as a united front as opposed to individual struggles that divide us, this will go way ahead to help us fight for the infringed rights of the youths in work places and also enable us bargain for working positions for our fellow youth in areas of interest, this will also make the government and other non-governmental institutions seek our guidance when engaging the youth in future developments as unity in purpose makes us a force to reckon with.

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0 #3 RE: UNEMPLOYMENT; WE ARE THE SOLUTIONNesh 2010-08-28 09:06
man nyc work i like the way ur txts compliment the images.Good work.
0 #2 MsRhonda 2010-08-26 15:03
Wow, heavy!
There is much to ponder here. I sincerely hope that those in government recognise that which the youth of the day, and tomorrow, have to offer to the progression of the country. They are alert to the problems of the nation and quite passionate
0 #1 MsRhonda 2010-08-26 12:42
Wow. Heavy! A force to be reckoned with.
Let us hope that the current and future governments see the value of the youth of today and tomorrow. They have much to add and are extremely passionate about the advancement of the country.


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