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My promise to the Youths of the Facebook Nation of Kenya and the world

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My Point of View

I wish to thank all Youths on FB for their continued support towards this great idea of forming a Shadow Government that will help articulate issues affecting youths in Kenya, I also wish to thank all of you for the good will that you had in me and nominated me to serve you as president, I know that your trust won't go unrewarded by God.


Ours is just but a beginning of a journey. Many out there might write us off as 'just any other fun loving youths' but some will see what we are trying to do, some will appreciate the fact that Youths can carry the aspirations of a nation in their hearts. And thats why we are all important in this respect as we pioneer this great force.


A time is coming when the leaders will ask us to help them do what we did in our beginning, a time is coming when the Government Of Kenya will have to listen to our Government of Facebook Kenya if it will want to run, a time is coming dear sisters and brothers when due to our unity and focus we shall be an asset for the government to run smoothly.

I am not going to tell you what i will do for you in my presidency, because I believe power lies in the people. I have grown to appreciate our heritage and for the years i have lived tirelessly struggling to change my society i have discovered that Kenyans are able, be it youth, the aged and even our kids, we are very much able, but we lack a unity of purpose, that is why today i honestly state that i will only do one thing for you, I will try to the level of my best to unite us all as youths of this Nation. Because it is only after unity has been realized that we will be able to stand up and say now we want to take leadership, it is only when unity has been achieved that we can seat back and say we want to change our society.

I know today I was supposed to say how my leadership will be, but as I have said I will not do this alone, that’s why I am proudly telling you what we will do as a youth of Kenya collectively, this will not be the president doing but the whole nation of Government of Facebook Kenya, because we will have realized unity of purpose.


Together we are going to make people to listen to the voice of the youth.

Together we are going to demand for our rights.

Together we are going to put these government leaders on toes.

Together we are going to demand for better services.

Together we are going to ask for value in education

Together we are going to make sure that Kazi kwa vijana benefits vijana

Together we are going to come up with development ideas to start development projects for youths.

Together we are going to support institutions and organizations led by youths.

Together we are going to demand for basic health for everybody.

Together we are going to break the tribal lines perpetuated by our politicians.

Together we are going to turn the ticking of the clock of corruption by encouraging and nurturing accountable leadership.

Together we are going to change the perception the society has towards the youth as being unreliable.


My dear brothers and sisters, all this is possible only if we are to unite and set aside our differences, this will only work if we take serious this idea that we have all brought up, this will work if we learn to appreciate the spirit of Volunteerism, I believe the time has come, together we are going to change Kenya, and this change is going to be for the better.


There is a voice calling out there, it is calling for us Kenyan Youths to stand and be counted, it's calling for us to go to battle, friends, lets pick up all the weapons we have, lets take the spears and the shield that is our defender,lets all empty our arsenal and go out there and use our various talents to win this war, because after this we shall be remembered as having been in that group of visionary youths who saved Kenya.


We have started on a very good footing, we have already made three steps of our 1000miles,we are coming from near and where we are headed is far and uncertain, together we can reach there, I know We Can.


Last but not least, I announced before during my nomination pledge that I will at all costs avail government information intended for youth and society to the members of my government, this I will do by regularly making inquiries in various government ministries to find out what programmes are there for youths and how youths can benefit, this will also make the Government know that Government of FB Kenya is a serious group of youths.


With this brothers and sisters, I wish to accept your nomination for presidency of the Government Of Facebook Kenya, with this friends, I wish to seek your Vote in the final poll.


Gob Bless you. God Bless Kenya.


Duncan Ogaro Mikae (Nominated President)


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