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The GIBE- III project: a threat to L.Turkana

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Globally there has been an increase in concern over the

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Are you a kenyan youth on Facebook? Vote For me to be your president on our Mock Government

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My Point of View

Government of Fb Kenya is a unity of purpose by youths of Kenya on Facebook,out the as aFearless, Alternative Youth's Government



To encompass a virtual worldwide citizenry based on FRIENDSHIP.


By bringing together the sons and daughters of the NATION, we shall protect the RIGHTS of each and every individual to HAPPINESS and PEACE.

Dear friends and citizens of Government of Fb Kenya,THE TIME HAS COME,WE ALL ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ,elections are starting tonight at exactly 12:00 am which will be the start of monday,and will end on tuesday at exactly the same,am asking you all to be ready for this historic moment,on behalf of my team i plead with you to be our campaigners,after voting please ask your friend to join the main Government page and vote for us.This moment can never repeat itself,this is history we are making brothers and sisters.


If you will be awake today at 12am please be the first to cast your vote for our team.
For those who are new and don't know the team here they are:

Duncan Ogaro Mikae for President.

Kevin Jamal for Finance Secretary.

Fahima Jamah for Labour Secretary.

Rapstar Mushauri for Sports Secretary.

Benjamin Waigwa for Internal Security and Justice.

When you vote for the president make sure you have voted for all the other four offices,when you vote for any of the offices make sure you leave the page after voting four other times for members of the team.

Personally i believe in this team,i have interacted with them and i believe that together we can serve youths well.

Friends lets go out there and take victory.

Thank you.

DUNCAN OGARO MIKAE (Nominated president)


Join the Government in readiness for Voting click here

My promise to the Youths of the Facebook Nation of Kenya and the world

I wish to thank all Youths on FB for their continued support towards this great idea of forming a Shadow Government that will help articulate issues affecting youths in Kenya, I also wish to than...

My Promise

Last Updated (Sunday, 17 October 2010 12:38)


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