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The GIBE- III project: a threat to L.Turkana

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Globally there has been an increase in concern over the

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My point of view

Siasa Mbaya Maisha Mbaya


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My Point of View

I was touched by her story.Please never despise commercial sex workers,never write them off,it isn’t a must u have sex with them before u give them a shilling,none of them wishes to do it,if u take them 4 granted by using them n dumping them just know that you too will give birth 2 a child who might become anything n face everything.

One night a week ago after watching soccer, i sat sipping my cold Coke,this young lady came and sat yards away,she wasn’t alone,there were several others around,from the look she wanted to capture my attention,she probably thought i would pay for her services and sleep with her but that was not to be.A few minutes later a local civic leader passed by,the girls started ‘mheshimiwa tununulie hata soda” Honourable buy us even if it is just a bottle of soda,the man just went away not even looking at them,then the girls started talking of how they may never vote him back,i was particularly attracted to the reasoning of the lady who sat close to me,her name is Hadija.

I want to quote her “ someone like this man pretends not to see us here yet they are the elected leaders who should help us,instead of helping us he calls me and tells me he wants to pay me and sleep with me,is it really fair when such happens,most of us here do not love this place it is because of such people,they fail at home as parents and we are forced to look after our own”

When she saw I was keenly listening to her now she faced me,and her friends also gave attention,she narrated to me how she was forced to start selling herself,she is the last born in her family,he mother is Ugandan her father Kenyan,when her mother died its when she realized through a community meeting that she was actually not her ‘fathers’ daughter,she was born from another man,her siblings used to be taken care of but she was segregated,she was told to find a life of her own,she went to Uganda,at one time became a housemaid to survive,she gave birth to her first child in 2004,the kid is now six years,she had to feed the kid,cloth her and the owners of the house could not allow her to go on working there because she had a kid,so she was thrown out,she decided to go to the streets,to at least get something for her baby,at this point she narrates to me why she started drinking alcohol ,because she was surprised I don’t take alcohol,she tells me in her kind of trade she has to be high to even think of sleeping with a man for a pay,she explained to me how she even smokes bhang and cigarettes,for her she has to get high before she can get the courage of ‘selling her body’ (this shows she dislikes the whole thing)

What touched me is what am about to say,it brought me into tears,

I know you might see this story as being very long but please read through to the end.this girl gave birth to another kid who is now 4years old,the father was just one of her night out customers,the man refused to support the kid and even threatened the girl,she speaks of her (kid) with pride,she narrates how the kid is not going to school but intelligent as a grown up,when she is back in the morning and somebody knocks at their door the kid always tells them to go away her mother is tired and needs rest,the kid doesn’t even wake her mum when she feels thirsty instead she goes to the neighbor when asked why she didn’t take water from their house ‘mum is tired she worked the whole night I don’t want to disturb her’ – that is the small bit about the kid,now one day this girl wasn’t going to work at night ‘parking in the street’ she decided to rest so she put some milk to burn on the stove she left the kid and went to buy sugar,unlucky enough,the kid knocked of the candle which later lit the mattress,the house was on fire,the kid got literally burnt to unconsciousness,when the neighbours came in to put off the fire they even never knew the kid was in the mattress they just poured water and left,now when this lady came back,she found the kid crawling,she tried to talk to the neighbours to assist her to take the kid to hospital that night but none helped,she slept with her daughter till morning,she couldn’t get help so she went out that night and worked till 1pm,a man who had interest in her gave her some kshs.1600/= with this and what she had earned that night she took her daughter to hospital the next day,the drugs alone cost her ksh.2600/= she bought and went back home with daughter,

she went on like that hitting the night cold everyday getting some money whenever she got it she took the kid for dressing,the kids leg had been burnt,so the she could only take the kid for treatment when she had made some money,this led to the kid now being crippled permanently,she has gone with the kid upto ‘Alupe ‘ a hospital that helps cases like her daughter’s and KSHS.10,000 IS NEEDED FOR HER KID TO BE HELPED,the kid lives in pain,she sometimes asks her mum to chop her leg off so he stops suffering.

When this lady finished telling us her story she asked,”if you come here and find me here in the cold will you blame me and say am a prostitute?” I answered her no.

Here is a girl who represents many girls out there with a similar or worse experience,they are the hopeless in society ,she tells me she lives in a slum not because she loves it but because she has to,her life and that of her friends is not worthy talking about but she says she talked because she had taken alcohol,you can imagine how one problem caused by negligence by parents led to an innocent girl becoming what this girl is and abusing drugs. She says she has been in the business for 5years,she wishes someone was somewhere to come help her,at least even give her a small job that could enable her get some food for her kids,what amazes me in this lady is that she identifies that despite having reached class 5 she has friends with whom they work who have academic certificates,she even tells me that if her friends were helped to get work since they are educated more than her,then in the long run the friends would assist her and others,she is not self centered and that’s why I have decided am going to look for ways of helping her kid get treatment,


that is why am also asking you to think of how we can help her kid get treatment or even help the mother get some livelihood since she has shown and proven to me that if she was given a chance to work she would leave the streets. This girls story was touching,tears dropped when she was narrating,I felt it was my daughter going through this,I hope you have understood her predicament.I know God will always be just I know he will come through for these girl and her friends.I told them to form a group I promised to help them register it.
I know there is something you can do for them,if you don’t have anything you can still get someone to do something,I believe you know someone who might be of help,even if it is a medical doctor somewhere,we can help this case of this young kid who is suffering.

Halima was brought to me,she is a beautiful young Girl.

This is the story of this girl,Hadija with her daughter Halima representing many Hadija’s and Halima’s out there in need of your help and mine.I pray that God opens doors for the unfortunate.

This is her damaged foot.

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Last Updated (Wednesday, 14 July 2010 16:23)


He writes

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My Point of View

Last Updated (Sunday, 16 May 2010 09:16)


My Dear Kenya Our time has come

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My Point of View

A lot has been said by many,some church leaders have said that this constitution will allow abortion,some leaders have said this constitution is going to take away peoples lands,none of them has told you he will bring for you the constitution to read because all of them believe that they can read and interpret the Draft Constitution for you,this has been a major shortcoming by those campaigning against this document that promises Kenya real change,it is through this document that we as Kenyans can get the change that the same politicians fighting the draft have denied us.In many of their elections they promised us heaven on earth,many of them forgot that we are the ones who took them to parliament,now these forgetful lot has teamed up with a few 'lost' church leaders' to fabricate lies and deny Kenya a new dawn.Let us all read this document and decide whether we will vote no and continue protecting land grabbers who have caused the land problem in kenya or vote Yes and usher in a new kenya with equal rights to land,read this document to decide whether you will vote NO and support the current Neo-colonialists who have continued to eat what belongs to Kenya yet they promised to bring resources to the people or YES to usher in a new dawn of resource devolution to enable all kenyans eat the same bread,drive on the same roads and school in the same schools because the national resources will have been equally subdivided throughout the nation thus facilitating development from the grassroots.

Lastly i would love to say that after the Attorney General published the draft constitution we are going to a national referendum that we have all been waiting for decades,please let's remember why many kenyans have suffered in the struggle to get a new constitution,let's remember how many kenyans have suffered because of being governed by a non yielding constitution,let's not allow smoke screens that are being created by some few selfish individuals to avoid us from seeing the real benefits of this new constitution,let's read the draft constitution and understand it.Let's vote because we read but not because someone else read for us.

My fellow country man and brother,i am going to vote for this constitution because it brings with it a new kenya,with it i can see my children smiling and being proud to be kenyan (many of us are suffering as kenyans),i am going to vote YES because this constitution respects all in society and safeguards the interests of all.Above all,i am going to vote YES because this draft is going to ensure that people are politically,socially and economically empowered  from the ground.

(Attached is the published draft Constitution please download it and read it well)


Last Updated (Saturday, 08 May 2010 15:55)



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My Point of View

Dr.Sally Kosgey with PM.Raila Odinga

Yesterday President Mwai Kibaki announced a cabinet reshuffle,Eldoret North Mp.William Ruto (ODM) has been moved from the Influential Ministry of Agriculture to a fairly quiet ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology,in his place now is Mp. For Aldai Dr.Sally Kosgey (ODM) a key Raila supporter,the president also replaced Mr. Charles Keter from the Ministry of Energy by Appointing Kipkelion Mp Mr. Magerer Langat (ODM),Mr Amos Kimunya the Minister for Trade and Industry has been named the Acting Minister of Transport to cover an office that was left vacant after the departure of Chirau Aali Makwere who was thrown out of parliament by an election petition,other beneficiaries of the reshuffle are Borabu Mp. Wilfred Moriasi who has been appointed assistant minister in the Ministry of National Heritage,Kaloleni Mp.Samuel Kazungu appointed to the Ministry of Medical services,the two come in to fill posts left by Joel Onyancha and Danson Mungatana respectively.

Constitution debate

As some people are already rushing to term this as a diversion of national politics to take the concern of the new constitution at back seat,

Last Updated (Sunday, 30 May 2010 17:04)


The Kenyan Church is sinning.

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My Point of View

Just like the Biblical Pharisees,Selective Interpretation of the constitution by the church is Hazardous and sinful.

When I read the newspapers these days I don’t fail to get one common message ;’The Church’s dislike of the proposed constitution’.This reminds me of the history of the church when the Pharisees were against Jesus because they were following the law of God to the letter.The Pharisees perhaps meant to obey God, but eventually they became so devoted and extremist in very limited parts of The Law (plus all that they themselves added to it), that they became blind to The Messiah when He was in their very midst. They saw His miracles, they heard His Words, but instead of receiving it with joy, they did all that they could to stop Him - eventually to the point of getting Him killed because He truthfully claimed to be the Son of God.

The lesson from the Pharisees' example is that self-righteousness is not righteousness, and that God's true people are to live according to all of God's Word, not just certain parts that are most convenient or to one's own liking,our church leaders are forgetting that the same God they quote encourages tolerance and perseverance, the church is therefore supposed to have been the first to ask those against some clauses to pray and hope that amendments will come later, in saying this I might sound out of order but the truth here is that the church is not justified in being proactive in leading those against this proposed constitution just because of few clauses at the expense of the many that are for the common good of everyone.

Some sections of the Church are threatening to lead the ‘Flock’ in voting against this draft,simply because it is encouraging Kadhi courts and abortion,To me I see it as an uncalled for worry by a section of the church, I am also seeing some short handedness here because the issue of the Kadhi courts or Abortion is not and will never be contentious.


In the current religious set up, the church is the major ‘stakeholder’ because Islam takes just a minority space in the share,this makes muslims a minority, now if muslims are a minority,is the church fair in suppressing the wishes of a small minority?I hope this fear that is being misplaced can be diffused earlier than later.

Selective Interpretation,

When the church comes out fighting the issue of ‘Kardhi courts’ and Abortion’ for example, I tend to conclude that whoever is advising the Church leaders is actually misrepresenting facts,infact I can assume this person or persons have not read the proposed constitution.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 30 June 2010 07:48)

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