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The GIBE- III project: a threat to L.Turkana

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Globally there has been an increase in concern over the

environmental degradation and the need for greater environmental protection and management.


My point of view

Siasa Mbaya Maisha Mbaya


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My Point of View

I want to be categorical from the word go,I don’t support the termination of life,I don’t support leaders who use state resources and powers to kill their own subjects even if they are on the opposition side,I don’t support the killing of more than 300,000 innocent Sudanese in the struggle to have dominance by Omar Al Bashir, also want to state that I don’t support his Invitation to attend Kenya’s big day by the president of Kenya because it has once again disorganized the coalition working relations,I still don’t support US President’s criticism on Kenya for having left Al Bashir scot free.
I do support the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Government of the Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement,I do support the efforts being made by the AU to ensure peace in Sudan,I do support the referendum that was agreed on as a result of Khartoum central government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) meeting in Naivasha in 2005 ,I do support the decision by African Heads of State to go slow on Omar,I do support the ICC for classifying Omar Al Bashirs case and releasing a warrant of his arrest,I do support the spirit and the letter of the Rome Statute signed by 113 countries of the world America being the 114th one that thinks it needs not to sign.


Having supported and opposed all that,we come back to reality,we might set laws which should be followed but that does not mean that we cannot bend them at times,am not advocating for injustice,what am saying is that if we are not going to be keen enough and understand the real causes of war in Africa we will always have conflict,am saying this because I find undue attention being given to this Al Bashir case,just like any other African case this should not be secluded just because the Sudan President was indicted by the ICC.Reason behind this is because the same people pilling pressure on African Nations to arrest Bashir are partly to blame for the wars in Africa,the same people have the economic,political and Military Muscles to stop the insanity that is Somalia,but what are they doing?

Do they want to wait and come 10years later and chase after someone in Somalia for having Killed innocent civilians?

In a case like Bashirs,I honestly don’t see why President Obama came out accusing Kenya of failing to meet the requirements of the Rome Statute,this is because America in the first place is not a signatory to it,I would forgive his remarks because maybe he was speaking like a Kenyan but not an American President,maybe he felt that his country (Kenya) was not owning up to agreements it makes,but this is not the case,even if it were I expected Hillary Clinton to come out with such strong labels.We ought to remember that the African Union had its own agreement as pertaining Sudan,in our own inefficiency as Africans we thought that Chasing after Bashir would amount to killing the Sudan Peace Agreement,it would be like telling the Sudan Government to ignite the Janjaweed Militia,it will be like telling the Sudan Arabs to forget about their Black brothers,is this what America and the rest of the superpowers want us to do? Is anyone seeing this calculation?

When Kenya was put on the ICC list,many people knew that Moreno Ocampo would deal with the culprits without bending a law,but history will tell you that Kenya asked ICC to go slow on the Kenyan case so as to allow the reform process,this was meant to allow an environment where all Kenyans will be united in realizing a new constitution and implementing it and to this ICC complied,basing on that alone I don’t know why someone is not seeing the need to allow Southern Sudan go through the Referendum and help cement the Peace agreement before reigning in on Bashir,I don’t see why someone is not telling this ICC thing that Africans too can make decisions so that ICC respects AU,I don’t see why America for example is not seeing the need to leave Bashir alone at least for some time.

If you were to ask me I would say ICC is just a Mr.Fix it because it sings to the tune of none signatories, it is very unfair for some nations to dictate the existence of others,it is very unfair for the leaders of the ‘big brothers’ to disrespect the decision by African Heads of States,what I am seeing here is someone attempting to put the cart before the horse, what am seeing here is a wider plan to take Sudan Back,what am seeing here is a ploy to create the necessity of Military Aid and Financial support by returning the Darfur conflict so as someone positions himself in some strategic position to siphon off resources in the guise of offering humanitarian aid.
Bashir deserves peace yes,for the greater Sudan to have peace we need to ensure that the peace agreement is adhered to,we have to make sure that Southern Sudan is not taken back to the Days when life was hard,for us to realize a peaceful Africa we have to reduce the Darfurs,we have to reduce the Somalia,Angola,Congo and other conflicts, we have to listen to the African Voice because it is us who understand each other more,the big brothers only understand our resources best.

I want to go off beat a bit,
You have heard News of billions in aid to Africa from ‘generous’ donors yet African nations are exporting crops to other parts of the world makes me wonder if this aid makes the situation better or worse since we all know the conditions for these aid. If this is related to the African Conflicts we both should live to find out.

I want to go back in history and quote from Bishop Desmond Tutus words
“When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”

You just got to find out what the missionary is holding in his hand this time round to know why we need not close our eyes again.

Please Leave Bashir alone for Africa’s sake.

I rest my case.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 31 August 2010 16:50)


Wanjiku and her cake:The Bill Of Rights

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My Point of View

Our Constitution did not only bring us the working plan of great counties under representative government. There is embedded in it also the vital pillar of liberty and personal responsibility. That pillar is based upon certain inalienable freedoms and protections which not even the government may infringe and which we call the Bill of Rights. It does not require a lawyer to interpret those provisions.

They are as clear as the Ten Commandments. Among others the freedom of worship, freedom of speech and of the press, the right of peaceable assembly, equality before the law, just trial for crime, freedom from unreasonable search, and security from being deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, are the principles which distinguish our civilization. Herein are the invisible sentinels which guard the door of every home from invasion of coercion, of intimidation and fear as has been in the past by several state engineered mercenaries. Herein is the expression of the spirit of a people who would be forever free.

These rights were not brought by the committee of experts, neither were they a discovery by our politicians,nor over-night Naivasha or Kilifi deliberations. They were established by decades of struggle in which men died fighting bitterly for the inclusion of the majority in leadership,this was long before the constitution was amended to allow future constitutional advances. Our forefathers suffered in the hands of the British,many of whom died as they tried to question oppression, some of them have lived till today,
”when you hear of Martin Shikuku give that Old man respect,when Raila Odinga speaks Listen to Him,When Wangare Mathai Cries heed her,”
today we have a group of leaders who boldly extended these struggles long after the first republic had been achieved. Before the Constitution could be ratified patriotic men who feared a return to tyranny, whose chains had been thrown off only after years of toil and tireless struggles, kept the spirit,they never left the common man alone,they stood by us and made sure that their hard-won freedom was incorporated to ensure that no Kenyan should suffer in future as they did,this gave birth to the widely acclaimed chapter on Bill of Rights.

Before the ratification of the Constitution in the August 4 refferandum,many enemies of reform had tried to shortchange us once again,I felt helpless whenever I would see my village men walking with red cards hanging from their necks,these were the few who still had been given false promises of economic security or property security as opposed to the wish by the majority to have an overhaul of our laws.I felt helpless because even through my persuasions they were rigidly never allowing change. Whether theirs who an innocent following of some Kenyan Land grabber who feared the new laws,or a lack of understanding the benefits that were to come with the new laws,the result is the same. Every day they grew to become the enemies of our independence. These in my little understanding didn’t appreciate what happened in the years of struggle when Freedom of worship was denied,freedom of speech was suppressed when the press was censored and distorted with propaganda when the right of criticism was denied and Men went to jail or Nyati house for honest opinions,when men and women spoke public affairs only in whispers.

In them lies a spiritual right of men. Behind them is the conception which is the highest development of the Christian faith “that is why for it to be accepted as freedom for all some applications of the Muslim faith had to be catered for,they had been there since independence any way,yet some people chose to be blind to this fact” this is what I call the conception of individual freedom with brotherhood. From them is the fullest flowering of individual human personality.

we have amended the Constitution many times in the past to meet the problems of growing civilization.Right now we have one of the best chapter on Bill of Rights in Africa,although We will no doubt have amendments in future. Always groups of audacious men in government or out will attempt to consolidate privilege against their fellows. New inventions and new ideas require the constant remolding of our civilization. The functions of government must be readjusted from time to time to restrain the strong and protect the weak. That is the preservation of liberty itself. We at times interpret some provisions of the Bill of Rights so that they override others.
“That was seen before the referendum as church leaders and some political leaders selectively interpreted the Bill of Rights.”
They indeed jostle each other in course of changing national life , but their respective domains can be defined by virtue, by reason, and by law. And the freedom of men is not possible without virtue, reason and law.
I call upon all my fellow country men,to stand up and be counted as to be the group of selfless patriots who stood up when Kenya needed them to,I call upon all of you to be keen in making sure that we realize this true transformation and enjoy the Bill of rights as is in our long sought constitution,I challenge you to walk with the constitution if need be,just in case you feel you are ill equipped to demand what is yours,
I call upon the true reformers to stick with us in this period, the ratification and promulgation of the constitution was only but the beginning, the real nation building is just starting.

I rest my case.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 31 August 2010 07:39)


Kenya Has Come again.

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My Point of View

My dear Kenya has come againIt has happened again,

After 47years of romance,

Coupled with several denials,

She has finally come again,

Oh what a good feeling.

The last she came,

She hadn't even known her mate,

Her children suffered,

They never inherited the happiness,

That was brought by their mating.

They were short changed by two lovers,

Two people of two different races,

This master slave relation was bound to fail,

It had been sinister from the beginning,

Brought about by colonization.

And when the master died,

The servant shortchanged her kids,

She hid the authentic will,

And passed over a fake one to her kids,

That was the beginning off negligence.

This parental deficit,

Crippled development,

Social and democratic growth

It was what the school goers called neocolonialism.

But alas!

She has come again,

This time with her fellow country men,

Men of dignity and integrity,

Everyone is jubilating,

Optimism is in the air.

At least this time round,

Their parents' romance is enjoyable,

A bright light is at the end of the tunnel,

A’ve seen it,oh  Kenya my mother,

Thank you for finding me a good father.

Last Updated (Friday, 27 August 2010 12:52)



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My Point of View



Before I go any further I wish to explain , at least to my understanding what Human freedommeans. Before we talk of Human freedom we need to know what it means to have freedom.While the dictionary explains freedom as ‘the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint’ I will just give one brief definition of my own, freedom is the ability to enjoy all rights granted by the laws governing a people


!We are Free!

Human freedom

Human freedom in this case will mean the ability to enjoy all human rights irrespective of affiliation be it economical ,social, religious or political.

An example of lack of freedom

Human beings must be able to do the right things for the right reasons at the right time if freedom is to be protected. As we deliberate on this topic we need to appreciate that there are limitations to the extend of one enjoying his/her freedoms,one should not suppress others in the event of trying to please themselves or live to the fullest of their expectations.

Nature of human freedom should be defined by Culture of Life. A culture, which must be upheld by all humans to promote sanity and dignity in society.Human freedom should not only be limited to protection of people from socio-political and economic injustices, it should be all round, for instance we need to safeguard the interests of the unborn even though they pose a challenge to our political struggles, the unborn have to be protected to guarantee continuation, humans can only be free if their growth too is free from control, Since all men possess dignity given to them by God even before birth, the urge and need to build a culture of life should be propagated. This I say because many nations come in with arm twisting policies to reduce population at the expense of human life,this culture must be avoided by all means.Instead of inducing artificial constraints it is better to focus on how we can increase Human participation in development,this will increase prosperity and will go way ahead to contribute to the development of the human person.

Last Updated (Thursday, 26 August 2010 06:38)



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My Point of View

In Africa, the Youth make up 37% percent of the working population and 60% of the total unemployed, this unfair because it is only the 40% that are in this employment category. Developing countries which invest in better education, healthcare, and job training for the majority of their young people between the ages of 12 and 24 years of age, could produce surging economic growth and sharply reduced poverty, but poor governance corruption and nepotism have led to negative impact to this progress.

This unemployment contribute greatly to many vices in society many of which affect the youth, it also makes them vulnerable to antisocial habits, these include; crime, drug abuse, irresponsible sexual behaviors, prostitution and early motherhood.

This in the long run reduces the rate of development in society and the nation at large.


Last Updated (Thursday, 26 August 2010 06:57)

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