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Community Based Organization


Duncan Ogaro Mikae is the Director of Sanaa Arts.


Sanaa Arts is a Kenyan community based organization set up to support Talent and fight joblessness and  poverty in the long run in untapped regions of Kenya.

The name Sanaa  means Art in General ,thereby the repetition of art and arts which in itself is a device in writing because we want to identify with the focus of the organization.

The organization focuses on  helping identify,develop,promote and support talent among the youth; those in and out of schools and the community at large,it also works towards promoting sustainable development through supporting ideas by the youth for the youth.


Find more about this organization that seeks to empower youths inBungoma by clicking here


Writers Needed

Do you have  a passion for writing,here is a platform for you to express yourself.It could be about Politics,Love,Jokes,Life experiences,poems or anything that you feel you need to put down.If interested just send a message with what you are interested in  to and you will be given sp

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