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Tax Training Brochure 169.25 KB Aug 26, 2010 21:14 Download 2
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Brought to you By:Goal Advisory (A) Limited

We are pleased to invite you to our Tax Seminar and above is  a brochure with
the more details.

The seminar take into account KRA increased audit scrutiny of taxpayers'
compliance matters and the knowledge that the fines for non-compliance are
punitive. It is thus advisable to ensure that you are always ready for KRA

Please download the Brochure no

The NewConstitution of Kenya 1 2010/1/dunpres 480.36 KB May 08, 2010 17:47 Download 42
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This is the new  Constitution of Kenya that was passed through a national refferandum in August 4th 2010.

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Writers Needed

Do you have  a passion for writing,here is a platform for you to express yourself.It could be about Politics,Love,Jokes,Life experiences,poems or anything that you feel you need to put down.If interested just send a message with what you are interested in  to and you will be given sp

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