Kenya Has Come again.

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My Point of View

My dear Kenya has come againIt has happened again,

After 47years of romance,

Coupled with several denials,

She has finally come again,

Oh what a good feeling.

The last she came,

She hadn't even known her mate,

Her children suffered,

They never inherited the happiness,

That was brought by their mating.

They were short changed by two lovers,

Two people of two different races,

This master slave relation was bound to fail,

It had been sinister from the beginning,

Brought about by colonization.

And when the master died,

The servant shortchanged her kids,

She hid the authentic will,

And passed over a fake one to her kids,

That was the beginning off negligence.

This parental deficit,

Crippled development,

Social and democratic growth

It was what the school goers called neocolonialism.

But alas!

She has come again,

This time with her fellow country men,

Men of dignity and integrity,

Everyone is jubilating,

Optimism is in the air.

At least this time round,

Their parents' romance is enjoyable,

A bright light is at the end of the tunnel,

A’ve seen it,oh  Kenya my mother,

Thank you for finding me a good father.

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